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Hemp oil – benefits for skin

Cannabidiol has a beneficial pharmacological effect on both the body and mind of the user. CBD extracts are used in the treatment of most first-world and neurological diseases such as stress, problems with concentration or insomnia. CBD is a completely safe ingredient found in hemp that mimics the effects of naturally-occurring substances in the human body. These substances with a similar effect and chemical structure can be found in the body of every human being, and even in breast milk. Cannabidiol is tolerated by the human body, and its overdose is impossible. CBD is a vegetable oil found in nature and only in hemp.

Not only is it legal, but CBD is the most important active substance in medical marijuana and cannabis, with a very broad spectrum of activity. Of the several hundred substances found in cannabis, CBD has the strongest health properties. CBD hemp oil is non-psychoactive and can be used as an all-round therapeutic agent without fear of altering consciousness. Cannabidiol (CBD), unlike THC, does not cause side effects, is not intoxicating, and is not addictive.

CBD oil is also taking over the world of beauty and skincare and the CBD cosmetics market is growing rapidly.  CBD oil has positive effects on the skin due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The skin is full of cannabinoid receptors with which CBD interacts. CBD’s effect on the skin is being talked about more and more often in the context of skin diseases, and the research that is coming to light gives ground to believe that it is an interesting tool in improving the condition of the skin.  Read below about CBD oil- benefits for skin in detail.

CBD and inflammation

CBD can act on multiple levels when it comes to the functioning of the immune system. By interacting with the body’s receptors, CBD is able to inhibit the excessive production of pro-inflammatory cytokines that occur during inflammation. Applying CBD to the skin, either topically or as a dietary supplement, can soothe inflammation, swelling, and accompanying pain, and support the optimal functioning of the endocannabinoid system. CBD oil works great as a neutralizer of free radicals by blocking their natural renewal processes, effectively reducing the aging process of the skin.  It slows skin hyperreactivity and makes allergic reactions or itching accompanying atopic dermatitis less burdensome. Among CBD oil benefits for skin are its regenerative properties. It accelerates the healing of skin micro-damages, prevents water loss and protects against unfavourable external factors, such as ultraviolet radiation.

CBD oil for dry and sensitive skin

CBD oil and its benefits for skin are recommended for people struggling with dry, dehydrated skin.  Cannabidiol helps to retain water in the epidermis, protects it against moisture loss and replenishes missing lipids. As a result, the feeling of unpleasant tightness and roughness is reduced. Products with this ingredient can also be enriched with other valuable ingredients, enhancing the moisturizing and regenerating effect. CBD oil is the pinnacle of vegetable oils for beauty care. Its composition consists of almost 80% essential fatty acids (including linoleic and linolenic acids) in the ideal proportions of omega-6 to omega-3, as well as proteins, carotene, minerals, phytosterols and vitamins such as A, D, E and K.

CBD oil for acne prone skin

Nourishing CBD oil is a brilliant cosmetic, especially for problematic skin. Even people suffering from eczema can use it and enjoy CBD oil benefits for skin! It is worth introducing it to the daily care of acne skin. Products containing this ingredient have a strong anti-inflammatory and bacteriostatic effect, counteract the formation of purulent lesions, and accelerate skin healing. CBD can counteract overactive sebocytes and thus lower the risk of acne. The antifungal and antibacterial properties of CBD can counteract acne caused by skin infections. Here is another example of CBD’s positive effect on the skin.

Use of CBD for skin allergic reactions

The histamine reaction leads to inflammation and a series of reactions, including itching, burning, swelling and pain. Topical use of CBD can inhibit the histamine reaction associated with allergic reactions in the skin, alleviating their symptoms.

Using CBD for Atopic Dermatitis

It is estimated that about 20% of the world’s population suffers from atopic dermatitis (AD), also known as eczema or atopic eczema. CBD-rich ointments and creams may be helpful in dealing with many skin conditions, including AD, psoriasis and contact allergy. CBD may have benefits in reducing the visibility of scars and blemishes that often affect people with a history of skin disease. If CBD cream is effective for a person’s eczema, they might not need prescription treatments, such as steroids or oral antihistamines. However, people should always speak with their doctor before stopping or changing any medications. No irritation or allergic reactions have been reported in people with atopic dermatitis as a result of using CBD creams.

What are the general benefits of using CBD in daily skin care?

Daily use of CBD, both in the oral and epidermal form, is a great way to provide it with the required daily dose of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances, which are additionally supported by fatty acids, vitamins, terpenes or herbal extracts in natural hemp cosmetics. In addition, CBD has one property that makes it a desirable ingredient in dermatological products. Its ability to optimize endocannabinoid functioning allows it to support the maintenance of skin homeostasis and strengthen its protective barrier. One of the effects of supporting homeostasis by the endocannabinoid system is the proper hydration of the skin and the regulation of sebum production.


Research on the effects of CBD oils on the human body, including the skin, is still ongoing. Every year, new, beneficial properties of CBD oils are discovered, so it is worth following new scientific works on this topic and keeping up to date with high-quality CBD-based cosmetics, as they can contribute to the improvement of the condition of our skin.