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Find out how much CBD is in hemp!

In hemp (Cannabis Sativa), also known as fibrous or industrial, the compound that is most concentrated is CBD. To produce CBD, hemp grown without artificial fertilizers, pesticides or GMOs is used, which allows you to obtain hemp with the highest biological purity, and thus the final product – CBD. Only the extraction methods allow you to find out how much CBD is in hemp.

What is CBD?

CBD is the abbreviated name of the compound – cannabidiol, which is present in hemp in the highest concentration of the 60 cannabinoid compounds. It has a huge therapeutic spectrum and is devoid of any psychoactive effects (unlike THC, another cannabinoid found in cannabis), and has several uses as a medicine for many diseases. Products, depending on the CBD content, differ in concentration: CBD oils – the percentage concentration starts from 1% and ends at 15%; CBD pastes – more concentrated, with a concentration of 30% and 50% and CBD capsules – one capsule contains 1000 mg of cannabinoids.

The most effective method of CBD extraction

It is the extraction method that affects how much CBD is in hemp. The carbon dioxide extraction method is the most modern and efficient technology for obtaining CBD. So how much CBD is in hemp that can be extracted? Extraction with supercritical CO2 allows to obtain efficiency at the level of up to 95%. Other techniques can achieve 60-80% of the total substance content in the material. The plant extracts obtained in this way are clean and have no negative impact on the environment. Therefore, today this method is considered the most ecological method of extraction. During the process of converting gas into liquid, both temperature and pressure increase. The result is a unique gaseous substance with a liquid density. Its use provides a sterile pure product with a full spectrum of natural substances.

Other CBD Extraction methods

The second, most used method to find out how much CBD is in hemp, is extraction with olive oil. The key process of this extraction method is decarboxylation, i.e., removing the carboxylic acid group from the dried composition. The process activates the chemical compounds contained in the cannabis plant. Heating the dried olive oil to 100 degrees Celsius begins the process of extracting all the cannabinoids from the plant, which takes about two hours, and then combines with the heated oil. Another way to obtain CBD is through extraction with dry ice. It consists in covering the plant material with dry ice for a few minutes, then shaking off as much resin as possible. The undoubted advantage of this method is that it produces a large amount of CBD compared to other compounds such as flavonoids or terpenes. The fourth is the extraction method using ethanol (alcohol) and then filtering the product obtained. With the help of ethanol or hexane, in addition to the wanted cannabinoids and terpenes, we also obtain less wanted chlorophyll, which is harmful to the body. Therefore, the next necessary step in this method is filtration. It is very important that it is carried out correctly so as not to deprive the oil of valuable substances.