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Find out how to take CBD oil!

Given the health benefits, products containing CBD are becoming more and more popular. Derived from the cannabis plant, CBD oil is commonly used as it is convenient and fast acting. Before you start exploring the benefits of using cannabidiol, it is worth getting to know its effects and learning how to take CBD oil properly.

What are CBD oils?

CBD oils are hemp-based products. They are extracted from flowers, leaves and stems of organic and legally grown cannabis plants. CBD, otherwise known as cannabidiol, has a very broad spectrum of application. It is characterised by the fact that, unlike THC, it has no intoxicating or addictive properties and can be used by people of all ages.

If you know how to take CBD oils, you can effectively influence processes in your body. Cannabidiol reacts with the endocannabinoid system. This is responsible for the daily physiological processes related to energy, sleep, appetite and mood. If one of these areas is out of balance, CBD oils may be the perfect solution.

Types of CBD oils

CBD oils come in two categories. The first one is raw oils, i.e. oils that have not been subjected to additional processing. You can recognise them as they will have a higher density. Purified oils are substances that have been additionally processed. Typically, this process involves additional heating to reduce the number of acids. They can both be taken as droplets, with varying dosages. Effects may differ from one organism to another – meaning there should be awareness that each person will react differently to these natural substances.

How to take CBD oils?

CBD oil dispensers will have the best understanding of their products and how to best take CBD oils. Verde Remedy oils are organic and natural products. They have been thoroughly tested at various laboratories and each bottle comes with a certificate. The amount taken may differ depending on the individual preferences and how their body reacts. Here’s a suggestion on how to start dosing Verde Remedy CBD oils:

6-10 drops a day – is a good place to start in the first week of using CBD. Droplets the size of a grain of rice should be taken 2-3 times a day, at least one hour before a meal. A small starting dose will allow you to test your body and learn about its tolerance or sensitivity to cannabidiol.

up to 12 drops a day – increasing the dosage of CBD oil by two more drops would be the next step if you don’t encounter any negative effects or sensitivity to CBD in the first week. If you started with 6 drops, now you can start taking 8 drops.

increasing the dose by 2 drops – with each successive five days, you can increase the daily dose by 2 drops. This way you will not only gradually get your body used to consuming cannabidiol, but also check your reaction each week. Through this process you will  learn what dosage you feel best with.

Properties of cannabidiols

Research shows there are a wide variety of beneficial cannabidiol properties. It can help with various problems and ailments. Verde Remedy products have the potential to soothe pain from inflammation, overworked muscle or other chronic pain. Additionally, CBD oils can be used for diseases such as insomnia, depression and chronic stress. By affecting the endocannabinoid system, they can potentially regulate all physiological processes in the body.

With the right daily dose CBD oils can also affect chronic diseases such as epilepsy reducing the frequency of seizures in cases. Before taking this you should check with your doctor about how to take CBD oils and whether it is safe in this particular case.

The psychoactive properties of CBD oils are reduced to an unnoticeable minimum (trace amounts). This means that they will not disturb your normal routine and won’t make you feel intoxicated, so you can drive the car, go to work, take care of your children and do everything you would on a regular basis.

CBD oil packages

CBD oils variations can be combined with different compounds to provide remedies for different situations. The team at Verde Remedy have prepared a few packages to assist with common situations:

SEVERE INFLAMMATION STATES PACKAGE – this set consists of CBD Relief oil and a muscle balm that includes emu oil and hemp seed beeswax, which help relieve pain and inflammation. In addition, it can also aid muscle soreness and joint pains.

INFLAMMATION PACKAGE –  A package prepared for people struggling with chronic pain in muscles and joints resulting from age, overwork or diseases. The clarity oil and muscle balm can help relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Before purchasing, please consult a doctor about CBD oil consumption.

CLARITY PACKAGE – this set consists of two CBD Clarity oils, raw & purified. These are bottles containing 50 ml, with 1,000mg of hemp derived CBD. Taking them may be helpful in controlling basic body functions and regulating them. They potentially support proper sleep, appetite, mood, as well as the immune response.

CBD oils are not only for people

It turns out that, as a natural product, CBD can be used not only by humans, but also by animals, especially domestic ones. Owners can buy CBD oils for their pets and give them to them by sprinkling a small amount into their food or onto the pet’s tongue. This can help fight severe inflammation, muscle pain and hyperactivity, which is common among others in dogs. Just like humans, animals need to try different types of oils and dosages to achieve good results. If you are in any doubt about administering CBD to your pet, consult a veterinarian.