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Find out how to use hemp seed oil for hair and what are its benefits

How is hemp seed oil produced, and what are its properties?

Hemp seed oil is made by cold pressing. This oil has a green colour and a slightly nutty scent. It is at the top of the list of vegetable oils with exceptional properties. It is called the most balanced oil. The hemp seed oil has omega-6 and omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids in the ideal 3:1 ratio. This oil is rich in vitamins A, E, D and K, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and regenerating ingredients, and amino acids. The hemp seed oil also contains minerals such as magnesium, zinc, calcium, and phosphorus. This remarkable composition makes this oil an extremely nutritious cocktail for human health. Hemp oil strengthens the immune system and thus prevents infections. In addition, it reduces inflammation, swelling and pain.

Rich in unsaturated fatty acids, hemp seed oil supports the human body in:

  • construction of cell walls,
  • providing nutrients,
  • removing toxins from cells.

The hemp seed oil has a lot of uses. It can be used both in the kitchen and in cosmetics.

Hemp seed oil in-home hair and scalp care

Everyone wants beautiful hair and tries to care for it as best as possible, so it’s no wonder that hemp seed oil has gained such popularity in hair and scalp care. The raw form of hemp seed oil can be used for home maintenance rituals such as:

  • Hair oiling – after washing your hair, gently spread a few drops of hemp seed oil on your hands and rub it gently into the entire length of the hair. Pay the most attention to the ends of your hair because they are the driest. This treatment perfectly moisturizes and smoothes hair. You can also apply hemp seed oil on dry hair for several dozen minutes to deeply nourish and moisturize it. Hemp oil also facilitates detangling and restores shine to hair.
  • Hemp oil lotion – makes hair nourished and strengthened. It should be done as follows before washing your hair, massage hemp seed oil into your scalp for about 10 minutes. Do this with gentle, circular movements using your fingertips. This will improve the circulation of your scalp and strengthen the hair follicles. Improved circulation contributes to the effective distribution of nutrients to all hair follicles and prepares the scalp for hair growth. The scalp will absorb the valuable nutrients from hemp seed oil. You will provide it with vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids. They have great nourishing properties for hair. After 10 minutes, wash your hair with shampoo as usual. Hemp seed oil can be used as a standalone product, or you can add a few drops to your favourite mask or hair conditioner. It will enrich their composition and make your hair healthier and more beautiful.

Undoubtedly, the big advantage of hemp oil is its enormous efficiency. Store it properly, away from sunlight, in a refrigerator, and it will serve you for a long time. Also, do not be afraid of the greenish colour of hemp seed oil. It does not colour hair or scalp.

Wide use of hemp seed oil in cosmetics

Hemp oil is hypoallergenic; therefore, it works very well in the care of skin:

  • problematic
  • allergic
  • acne-prone
  • irritated

Thanks to its rich and unusual composition, hemp seed oil perfectly copes with inflammations of the skin of the face, head and body. It is a relief for scaly skin or skin affected by atopic dermatitis. It also reduces the symptoms of allergies thanks to its moisturizing properties. Perfectly nourishes, soothes and firms the skin. That is why it is used in anti-wrinkle cosmetics. It also has a positive effect on wounds, accelerating their healing and helping to reduce scarring, redness and abrasions. Due to the wide spectrum of beneficial properties, hemp oil is used in many different types of cosmetics, such as:

  • shampoos and hair conditioners
  • body lotions and conditioners
  • lipsticks and lip balms
  • face creams
  • anti-acne serum
  • intimate hygiene emulsions
  • body massage oils
  • make-up removers, face cleansing gels

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