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Nature's gifts enhancing
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WelCome to verde remedy

We believe that a healthy, wholesome lifestyle paired with Verde Remedy products promotes a more joyful, peaceful and balanced life. Our goal is to make high standard CBD oils and other natural remedy products available to a wider audience and we hope that this can make the world a better place ‘drop by drop’…

Why join the Verde Family?


GMP Certified

Verde Remedy whole plant Hemp products are all organically produced. Our suppliers are acquainted with the entire process from seed to sale. With highest standard Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) the whole way, we are proud to say that our products are among the highest quality hemp products in the world.


100% Organic

Verde Remedy is dedicated to providing customers with 100% organic natural remedies.

Grown on Organic certified land and extracted in organic certified facilities.


Lab Tested

All Verde Remedy Hemp oils are tested by suppliers and a third party lab test is also performed. The lab tests check for pesticides and heavy microbial organisms, fungus, mould and other impurities along with hemp extract percentages. The tests are simple, transparent and honest.

Dedicated Customer care and experience!

The team at Verde Remedy is dedicated to customer care and we understand that there are often many questions regarding hemp products and legislation. We have a contact us page where you can write to us and we will answer any questions you may have in relation to Verde Remedy products.




Verde Remedy - hemp oils and balms straight from nature

Verde Remedy is a family business based in Bondi, Australia. It was founded in 2020. We tested and learned the effects of natural oils derived from plants for a long time, even before we opened our business. Our adventure began when, delighted with the effects of the products we use, friends and family members also decided to try and see the benefits of natural oils. We watched with joy how hemp oils helped our grandparents and parents with the ailments they had been struggling with for many years. This inspired us to start our business.

Verde Remedy - hemp oils and balms straight from nature

At the beginning, we ran a small, local business, selling products to people we know – our friends and neighbours who learned about our business from family and relatives. However, word of mouth worked quickly and the demand for the oils we sold has grown rapidly. We developed our business more and more, until we decided to launch a website through which we sell Verde Remedy oils all over Australia and beyond! We are delighted that the gifts of nature, which we have discovered, have become such a hit and won the hearts of so many people.

Safe, natural hemp oils

Our range includes 100% organic oils of pure natural and botanical origin. We offer products aimed at both people and pets who may also need natural support in certain ailments. All our products are made of high-quality industrial hemp and thoroughly tested for Hemp content, which is less than 0.3%. For this reason, Verde Remedy oils are safe to use, are not addictive and do not cause changes in mood or psyche.

Products tailored to your needs

We know from our experience that different people react differently to the individual ingredients of oils – due to their age, health and mental state. That is why we sell products tailored to various preferences and needs. Our product range includes clarity oils, raw clarity oils, relief oils and high-quality muscle balms. Classic and raw oils differ in the content of hemp and derivatives, which is a consequence of the method of their production. The raw product line hemp has a full range of cannabinoids and terpenes, while the decarboxylated line (classic hemp

) has been heated to reduce the amount of acid groups. You just have to try them and choose the right one for you




Our mission and purpose

We want to present the rich assortment of high-quality hemp products to more and more people, not only in our immediate vicinity. We hope that thanks to the access to natural, ecological plant products, the world will become a better place. We truely believe that a healthy, wholesome lifestyle combined with Verde Remedy products promotes a joyful, peaceful and balanced life.
Get to know our products and place an order. We also invite you to get in contact with us – we will be very happy to help, advise and try to choose the perfect product just for you! You can easily contact us via the online form, by writing an e-mail or by phone.