Verde Remedy only provides 100% Organic Plant Remedies.

Care packages for people of all ages

CBD-containing products are becoming increasingly popular around the world. Nowadays, they come not only in the form of oils, but also ointments, lotions and many other forms. Thanks to this, you can consume them according to your preferences and needs. Each person will find in our store a product perfectly suited to themselves!

What are CBD products?

CBD products are all products that contain a substance known as cannabidiol. It is obtained from various parts of the cannabis plant – flowers, leaves and sometimes the stems. CBD is one of many cannabinoids, but it has one essential feature: it has minimal, virtually imperceptible psychoactive properties. Thanks to this, it does not make you feel intoxicated, and after consuming it, you can perform all daily activities, including driving a car!

The products available in the Verde Remedy offer are laboratory tested, so you can be sure that they are safe and verified by scientists. The performed tests check, among other things, the presence of pesticides, as well as fungi and heavy microbial organisms.

Who are CBD products for?

People of all ages can use CBD products every day. It is recommended to start taking them from 6 to 12 drops a day. If you find this dose comfortable and your body does not turn out to be sensitive to CBD products, you can increase the number of drops to 12 in the second week of taking the oil. The oil is taken in drops the size of a grain of rice, at least one hour before a meal. Thanks to this, you can increase its bioavailability in your body. However, it is worth mentioning when you shouldn’t reach for CBD. Especially pregnant women should avoid all products containing CBD, as well as all nursing mothers.

Situations in which you will benefit from CBD!

CBD products can be used daily, which is often associated with potentially better well-being and regulation of the endocannabinoid system. It is the part of the human organism responsible for motivation, sleep, energy and appetite. Therefore, the use of CBD products can be used for various ailments:

– muscle pain and inflammation – overwork caused by heavy physical effort is often associated with relentless muscle pain. In addition to massages and rest, the use of CBD balm may be a good solution. The set with the oil should bring a feeling of relief also in the case of joint pain and inflammation.

– insomnia – problems with falling asleep more and more often appear in modern society. Insomnia can drag on for years, and with it, not only does the efficiency of work decline, but also the joy of life. CBD-containing products influence the part of the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible, among other things, for regulating sleep. A few drops a day may be the perfect solution.

– appetite regulation – research shows that CBD can also help regulate appetite and stimulate the feeling of hunger. This applies not only to people on slimming diets, but also to people struggling with a lack of appetite. Taking CBD can help you find your perfect meal rhythm.

– problems with stress – intensive time at university or at work is often associated with chronic stress. It can lead to insomnia, lack of appetite, apathy and a lack of motivation. CBD has calming properties and could prove to be the perfect remedy for people who are struggling with a difficult period in their lives.

Unique care packages for everyone

In our Verde Remedy store, we have prepared packages that consist of products containing CBD. We have put together products that answer the problems faced by various people. Thanks to this, we present both care packages that provide relief for joint and muscle pain, as well as packages for people starting their adventure with CBD oils. In addition, we also made sure that our assortment includes products for animals. PET + OWNER packages include products that can help your pet relax mentally and relieve pain. These packages also include oils prepared with you in mind – thanks to this, both you and your cat or dog will be able to start CBD therapy together.