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The benefits of CBD oil for dogs

What you should know about CBD oil for dogs

If you have a dog, you certainly care about its health. One of the ways to take care of your dog’s health is to give him the best dietary supplements. CBD oil can be treated as one of them, especially since it is a product of natural origin. CBD oil for dogs works just like it does for humans. It is because all mammals have an endocannabinoid system. This system is necessary for the proper functioning of the body; it plays a role no less important than the circulatory or nervous system. It is made up of a network of receptors throughout the body and is involved in many physiological processes. The cannabidiol contained in the oil binds with the receptors of this system, influencing the regulation of many different processes related to sleep, feeling temperature or hunger, mood and remembering. Introducing CBD oil into your dog’s diet will certainly benefit its condition and health. CBD oils for dogs work on many levels and are widely used in eliminating many health problems. CBD oil has a THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) concentration below 0.2%, which means that it is by no means psychoactive and will not make your dog “high”. Thus, applying CBD oil to your dog does not cause any side effects. Verde Remedy offers high-quality CBD oils intended for animals, thanks to which you can try to regulate the processes taking place in the body of your pet.

What health problems does CBD oil help to tackle?

First of all, your dog’s consumption of CBD oil has a calming effect. This may be of particular interest to owners of extremely unruly pets whose hyperactivity often prevents them from falling asleep. Regular intake of cannabidiol by all mammals, including dogs, can benefit their nervous system. CBD oil will strengthen your dog’s nervous system and reduce anxiety or aggressive behaviour. It also positively affects the neuroplasticity of the hippocampus – the area in your dog’s brain that is responsible for cognitive functions and emotions, among other things. CBD supports the immune system and thus will improve your dog’s immunity. Thanks to this, he will become more resistant to diseases. CBD oil also has an analgesic effect. It is perfect for muscle or joint pain related to disease, injury or age of the pet and also helps to fight inflammation in the dog’s body. By reducing the inflammation of the joints, synovial fluid will start to form again, which will make it easier for a sick dog to move around. In addition, CBD oil will improve the appetite and support your dog’s digestive system. Thanks to the regular use of CBD oil for your dog, you can notice a fairly quick improvement in your health condition. Inflammation is reduced, pain is reduced, immunity increases, appetite is good, and in addition, the oil improves the condition of the hair and skin. It can also be used on allergic changes on the skin as it will soothe them. CBD oil in dogs is also used in the treatment of diseases such as asthma and epilepsy and as cancer prophylaxis. CBD oil used externally can also have a positive effect on skin problems and accelerate the healing of your pet’s wounds.

CBD oil for dogs – dosage requirements.

CBD oils can be used both temporarily and permanently introduced to your pet’s diet. Ad hoc use is recommended, among others, in all stressful situations – such as travel, visiting the vet or adaptation to a new place. Remember that CBD alone is not a substitute for your pet’s care and support in stressful situations. Create conditions for your pet to feel safe, and if possible, consult a behaviourist if needed. The oil will be a great help and supplement. When it comes to dosing CBD oil for dogs, there are no clear-cut indications. It’s just an individual matter, so test different solutions and observe the reactions of your pet’s body. The best solution is so-called up-titration. Begin supplementation with a small amount of the oil. In the beginning, 2-3 drops once a day are enough, added to the bowl of dry food, given directly to the dog’s mouth or licked by the animal from the owner’s hand. If necessary, when you do not see satisfactory results, increase the dose of the oil. The dose and exact concentration should be selected considering the size, weight and age of the pet and the purpose for which we use it. If it’s a small dog, it’s best to start with one drop; if it’s a large dog weighing several dozen kilos, you can start with two. It is worth knowing that CBD oil for dogs can also be applied externally, directly on the skin and hair.